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The Planning and Management Council for the Application of Financial Resources for the Development of Wine Cultivation in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Consevitis) was founded in 2019, with the purpose of developing and strengthening the links of cooperation in the production chain of grapes and wine.

Since December 2020, Consevitis has been managing actions for the application of resources in three major areas of activity: the promotion of wine, sectorial planning, and management of the production chain. These actions are carried out based on sectorial policies, approved by the State Fund of the Development of Wine Cultivation (Fundovitis), created under Law 10.989/1997, which intends to promote the production, circulation and marketing of grapes and their derivatives, and have origin in the ICMS paid by the wine industry on the acquisition of grapes. 

Among Consevitis' strategic activities is the fomentation of consumption and, consequently, potentializing the sale of national wine, both in the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, the promotion of wine, especially for those who are open to new experiences, promotes the democratization of the drink in a balanced and healthy way, making it increasingly popular and present in the daily lives of Brazilians.

The Works Council has equal participation of grape producers, wine industry and wine cooperatives and is composed of six members:

- a representative of rural producers, assigned by the Rural Workers Unions, represented by the Interstate Grape Commission (ACIU);

- a representative formally assigned by the Rural Producers Unions;

- a representative assigned by the Brazilian Union of Viticulture (Uvibra);

- a representative appointed by the Gaucha Association of Winemakers (Agavi);

- two representatives appointed by the Federation of Wine Cooperatives of Rio Grande do Sul (Fecovinho);

In addition, the State of RS has one member, through the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, with the right to speak, and one guest from ABE, without the right to vote.

It is Consevitis’ responsibility to deliberate on the Annual Plan to Promote Viticulture and the general budget of revenues and expenses, considering basic objectives for a harmonic development, efficiency, and sustainability of the wine sector in Rio Grande do Sul in search of duly quantified results.

In addition, the Board is responsible for providing, approving, and referring to the presidency of Uvibra, the entity responsible for creating Consevitis, a report on the planning and execution of activities for every exercise, along with the opinion of the Internal Strategic Audit Center (NEI).

With this, the focus is to contribute to the development of the production chain of grapes and wine and their derivatives, respecting the specificities and needs, in addition to expanding the opportunities arising from possible partnerships with the public sector, producer associations, technical education entities , search and extension.

Our vision

The wine sector is united and balanced for the healthy development of the entire production chain: community, producers, cooperatives, and industries.

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